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Our Unique Process

A strong relationship with my insurance broker is very important to me, and Rogers & Young Insurance has certainly established that. As my business has grown, Rogers & Young has been right there with me, meeting my new complex requirements and making sure my business property is protected. Having Rogers & Young as a trusted advisor has given me additional peace of mind and allows me time to focus on continuing to grow my business.

— David Ortega,
Lola’s Market
Lola's Market


The employee benefits industry is complex, and there are constant changes to products and services each year. We create value for our clients by simplifying the decision-making process and creating effective solutions that achieve company goals. Our holistic approach incorporates the following steps with each client:

Step 1: Plan Analysis & Design

Step 2: Implementation of New Strategy

Step 3: Performance Tracking & Plan Administration

Plan Analysis & Design

It is highly important to get a detailed assessment of the current benefits program before moving to a new strategy. Our consultants analyze many variables, such as rate history, plan utilization, current carriers, demographics, current costs, projected costs, and important company initiatives. Based upon this information, a new strategy is created to maximize the efficiency of the employee benefits program.

Implementation of New Strategy

We understand the importance of employee communication, so our benefits team meets with company management to create an effective communications campaign. This is done through on-site meetings, payroll stuffers, conference calls, and internet seminars. We make sure the transition to a new plan is well executed, and employees are confident in the new plan. Online tools are used to deliver information about benefits, assist with enrollment, and consolidate billing.

Performance Tracking

Rogers & Young provides ongoing support and administration services for our clients. Our experienced account managers are proactive and they contact clients on a quarterly basis to address concerns or answer questions about the benefits program. Plan changes are monitored to make sure the proposed recommendations are on-track with company objectives. Renewal planning is performed well in advance of the effective date to provide time for potential changes.